Is Your Child Eligible For Special Education Services?
September 7, 2018

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Southern California Law Office’s professional staff is made up of parents of children with special needs. As professionals and parents of children with special needs, we face the same challenges all parents do. As a result of our own life situations, we ventured into this area of law out of necessity and a desire to assist other children and their families.

Initially, we were no more educated in the area of special education law than any other parent. We were equally unsure and confused by our children’s needs and the system itself. The difference is that we were blessed with an education that gave us a basic knowing of where to find support within the law. Our goal at Southern California Law Office is to share our experiences and our learned expertise, with other parents who are navigating the same educational system.

We have lived the same personal educational issues as many of our client’s families. We have attended IEP meetings, read about our children’s deficits in triennial evaluations, watched our children struggle, cry and exhibit behaviors and frustrations during their school day. On occasion, we too have believed that the school district was failing our children.

Along the way we have acquired skills that have enhanced us professionally and allowed us to more effectively advocate for our children’s needs. By being open and present for our own children, we have learned to accept new ideas, implement creative solutions, and preserve our relationships with our children’s teachers, service providers and our school districts. It is through our law firm, that we look to assist other families in being able to do the same for their children.

If you are experiencing concerns or issues with your child’s education, please don’t hesitate to contact Southern California Law Office. We are available to answer your questions and assist with your child’s educational needs.

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