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August 28, 2018
504 Plan Verses An Individualized Education Program
September 13, 2018

Is Your Child Eligible For Special Education Services?



In some instances parents have ample evidence that their child is eligible for special education services. If a child exhibits developmental delays it is often noted by pediatricians or parent’s themselves. When this happens early intervention programs are available and services can begin. However, this is not always the case as educational issues and disabilities can be subtle and difficult to detect.

Oftentimes the deficits that affect a child’s education do not become apparent until preschool, Kindergarten or later. The concerns may be identified and raised by a school administrator, classroom teacher, or a parent as the result of speech and language delays, occupational therapy deficits, social behavioral issues, or a lack of academic progress. Early identification of a child’s educational needs is available through your school districts assessment process.

If your child appears to be struggling in school, the law provides an avenue for parents to request an educational assessment for their child. The assessment process requires the parent make the request to the school district, in writing. Once a parent makes a request for a complete special education law evaluation, the district must respond within the time frame allotted by law. If the district agrees to complete an assessment, the assessment must be held within sixty (60) days of the parent giving consent for the same. Subsequent to the completion of an assessment and IEP meeting will be held to go over the various findings.

From the data gathered through the assessment process, your child can receive an individualized education plan, also known as an IEP. This plan can include services to address speech and language and occupational deficits, specific accommodations to allow your child a greater chance for success in the classroom, and new approaches to their academic learning.

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