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September 25, 2018
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Free Appropriate Public Education



All children who are eligible for special education under the IDEA are entitled to a free appropriate public education, FAPE. The law requires that the child’s educational needs be delivered to the child at no cost to the parent, hence free. The education must be appropriate for the child’s special needs. It must be delivered by the public school system and the education must rise to the level that allows the child to develop the necessary skills for additional education, employment and/or independent living.

In addition, special education children must be educated with their typical peers. This interaction takes place across the academic and social settings, including the classroom, recess, lunch and physical education. An exception occurs only if the district can show that the child’s unique needs cannot be met through the use of supports and services, rendered within the general education setting.

In the event that you are concerned whether your child is receiving a free and appropriate public education, please contact The Southern California Law Office.

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